Please download a seed order form by pressing this link or the big "2020 Seed Order Form blue button" and fill it out and mail to us a paper copy of your seed order form with your deposit check. We accept deposits in the form of checks. We prioritize and fulfill seed orders with deposits first, and get to seed orders without deposits only after fulfilling all orders that have a deposit. Please make sure that all of your contact information is correct on the seed order form. 

Please send deposits and order forms in a timely manner:

  • Deposits for Spring Season (Feb 15 to July 4) are due by January 30th.

  • Deposits for Fall Season (Sept 1 to Jan 1) are due by July 30th.


Please mail your check and order form to:  Seaventure Clam Co., 

5600 US 1 North, 

Fort Pierce, FL 34946.


You will be asked on the order form for your preferred delivery date. As this delivery date given on your order form approaches you should be in contact with us at the hatchery. In many cases, we will notify you 2 weeks to a 1 month before your seed shall be ready, however, if you do not hear from us and you are ready, don’t hesitate to contact us at  We understand the inconsistent nature of weather, and try to work with our seed customers so they are able to take proper care of the clams when they arrive.


Except for customers close enough to pick up their seed at the hatchery or customers that are serviced by our weekly delivery route to Cedar Key, we ship our seed using FedEx overnight. The clams are wrapped in drain sleeve to hold them all together and we drain them as much as possible to get rid of excess moisture. We carefully pack the seed in a cooler, and so that it does not come into contact with the gel packs which are on the bottom of the insulated shipping container. Shipping costs are passed along to the customer, however we will pay for the pathology report if it is indeed an out of state shipment.


If you are ordering seed from outside of the state of Florida it is required to have proof of health on the animals. Seaventure Clam Co. will run a pathology report on its animals before shipping to ensure we are complying with state importation laws. We take on the costs associated with running a pathology report and typically use our contacts at Harbor Branch to run pathology.


Mercenaria Mercenaria Hard Clam Hatchery Seed

Mercenaria mercenaria Hard Clam Hatchery Seed

We use 100% Florida broodstock to produce the highest quality Mercenaria mercenaria clam seed. Our hatchery seed ranges from sizes 1mm to 2mm. Our 1mm seed sits on a 1mm sieve.

Mercenaria mercenaria Hard Clam Nursery Seed

We use 100% Florida broodstock to produce the highest quality mercenaria mercenaria clam seed. Our nursery seed is 4mm in size. 

Easter Oyster Seed

Coming Soon

Other species coming soon...

We plan on expanding our offering in 2022, and in the meantime will be running pilot tests on multiple other shellfish species.