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An excerpt from the Stronger America Through Seafood Newsletter

By Carolina Panoff, Sales and Marketing Manager, Seaventure Clam Co. and Seaventure Seafood Co.

Clams and oysters have been acting as incredible water filtration devices long before we ever showed up, and our company’s objective is for municipalities to see shellfish as a natural agent for keeping our waters healthy and full of life. Florida’s coastlines have been dealing with the symptoms of eutrophication for decades, the most apparent being harmful algal blooms that cause respiratory issues in humans and pets, as well as major mortality events of sea life. Seaventure Clam Co. was established with the vision of restoring native shellfish populations in Florida’s Indian River Lagoon as a mechanism for the lagoon to heal itself.

We began our efforts by establishing a commercial shellfish hatchery to produce a high-quality consistent seed supply for restoration. We are now steadily making investments needed to scale production to support wide-scale restoration. These investments not only include the expansion of our systems and tanks, but also include identifying efficiencies at every stage of our workflow. For example, one of our process improvements we are currently working on is to produce the most optimal shellfish diet through studying different algal strains and genetics. We are also investing in partnerships with like-minded nonprofits and organizations, soaking up the wisdom that comes with decades of experience working with municipalities.

Food is a powerful tool, in terms of the actual nutrient sequestration that shellfish farms achieve, but also its potential to tell a story to consumers. Food can be a channel for communication. That is why Seaventure decided to become a part of the conversation in educating consumers of the importance of aquaculture and the superpowers of shellfish, and the benefits that aquaculture can provide our planet. Last year, we started up an artisanal line of healthy clam chowders called Seaventure Seafood. The packaging and marketing campaign all focused on sustainability, and how eating more shellfish helps clean our waters.

Looking to the future, we are excited to see the evolution of the shellfish food industry as well as the restoration industry.

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